Anteverta’s team of experienced application engineers operate its state-of-the-art characterization laboratories to provide time-sensitive measurement services each and every day. Anteverta customers have taken advantage of our expertise and resources to meet their objectives on time and on budget. Some of the reasons our customers work with us include: completing short term or infrequent projects, eliminating bottlenecks and accelerating delivery by working in parallel, validating in-house measurements, establishing proof-of- concept and system justification, always using state-of-the-art tools and helping their CFO by reducing capital expenditures and improving the balance sheet.

Services Offered
Measurement Parameters
Measurement Capability
image002S-ParameterTwo-port s-parameter characterization at the user-defined reference plane (SOLT, LRM and TRL cal available)On-wafer from 10 MHz to 67.5 GHz at ± 70 V and ± 1 A.

In-fixture from 45 MHz to several GHz (depending on the fixture used) at ± 50 V and ± 1.5 A.
image004Active harmonic load pullLoad pull characterization under: CW, pulsed-RF, two tone, standard compliant modulated signals (e.g., WCDMA, 802.11 a/b/c/n/ac, etc.).
Measurement of PAE, power, gain, PAR, ACPR, EVM, time domain RF voltage and current.
On-wafer and connectorized from 0.4-40 GHz up to 500W of power.

In-fixture from 0.8-10 GHz up to 200W of power.