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On March 31, 2015, Maury Microwave Corporation and Anteverta-mw announced that Maury Microwave had completed the acquisition of Anteverta-mw. This strategic move is expected to further strengthen Maury Microwave in the nonlinear measurement and modeling device characterization market and accelerate innovation for the betterment of markets served by both parties.

“Maury Microwave is excited about the acquisition of Anteverta-mw and the continued collaboration with researchers at TU Delft. We look forward to further integrate and enhance the user experience of our measurement and modeling tools,” said Greg Maury, President and CEO at Maury Microwave. “Anteverta’s mixed-signal active load pull methodology, the only solution for versatile high-speed load pull measurements as well as wideband impedance control, will allow our customers to take faster and more accurate measurements which will lead to a greater ROI and first-pass success.”

“We are excited about becoming part of the Maury Microwave family and of all the opportunities this will create,” said Mauro Marchetti, Anteverta-mw’s President and CEO. “We believe our technology can greatly improve the way commercial telecommunication and aerospace/defense customers approach transistor and amplifier characterization and design, which will allow our customers to develop better products and larger profits.”

About Maury Microwave Corporation Maury Microwave Corporation is a global leader in measurement and modeling device characterization solutions and metrology, instrument and lab-grade coaxial and waveguide components, adapters and cable assemblies. Specializing in fixtured and on-wafer integrated measurements for RF/MW/mmW, Maury offers passive, active and hybrid-active DC and pulsed-harmonic load pull, wideband noise parameters, synchronized pulsed IV/RF, compact transistor and non-50ohm behavioral modeling systems, ranging from 10 MHz to 110 GHz, as well as solutions for the power semiconductor industry with 1kV 400nS PIV system.

About Anteverta-mw Anteverta-mw is pioneer of large signal device characterization methodologies and systems, and high efficiency/linearity PA design. Anteverta’s patented IP allows non-50Ω characterization at speeds up to 100x faster than traditional systems, and is unique in its capability of wideband impedance control for realistic modulated signals.