75ohm Type N Calibration Kits

Coaxial VNA Calibration Kits

The Importance of VNA Calibration

Imperfections exist in even the finest test equipment. If uncorrected these systematic imperfections cause the equipment to yield less accurate measurements. The basis of network analyzer error correction is referred to as “calibration” of which multiple methods exist.

Kit Description

8880-Series (75 ohm)
Maury Type N calibration kits are designed for making error-corrected measurements on a wide range of vector network analyzers using precision 75ohm Type N connectors from DC to 18.0 GHz. Each kit includes a full complement of calibration standards and is available with optional in-series adapters. 8880-Series cal kits are available in standard Fixed Load SOLT using polynomial definitions. Calibration kit coefficient files for modern VNAs and support documentation can be downloaded here.


Complimentary Products

Insight Calibration and Measurement Software is the the industry’s first commercial software suite designed to empower VNA users and help them make better decisions. Insight represents a paradigm shift in the way users approach VNA calibration, validation, measurement, visualization and analysis. More information regarding Insight can be found here.

Application Notes and Data Sheets


75ohm Type-N Calibration Kit Data Sheet 2Z-061A


Improving Calibration Accuracy and Speed with Characterized Calibration Standards 5C-090


Maury Calibration Services 2Z-070

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