Torque Wrenches


Maury's torque wrenches are recommended for tightening coaxial connectors in order to obtain optimum repeatability and prolong connector life. They employ a "break" design so it is impossible to over-torque a coupled junction, and torque can be applied in either direction. Each Maury torque wrench is factory preset to the proper in/lbs for tightening its coaxial connector type, and the color coded handles make it easy to select the correct wrench from your toolbox at a glance.

Maury torque wrenches are included in many of our VNA calibration kits, and accessory kits, and can be ordered separately by the model numbers listed below. If this list doesn't include the right kit for your application, please contact our Sales Department or your local Maury representative for assistance.

Available Models

For Use With Connector Type
Wrench Size (inches)
Preset Torque (in/lbs)
Handle Color 4
2698C2 7mm, LPC7, Type N 2, NMD3.5, NMD2.92,NMD2.4
0.750 hex
12 ±0.8
2698G1 TNC 3, MPC6
0.562 hex
12 ±0.8
2698K1 7-16
1.062 hex
20 ±1.2
8799A1 6 3.5mm, MPC3 or K (2.92mm), Q (2.4mm), 1.85mm
0.312 hex
8 ±0.5
8799D1 SMA, OSM
0.312 hex
5 ±0.3
2 Precision type N connectors supplied with 3/4 hex nuts.
3 Precision TNC connectors supplied with 9/16 hex nuts.
4 Handle color represents torque value: blue = 12 in/lbs; red = 8 in/lbs; black = 5 in/lbs; green = 20 inlbs (unless otherwise marked on the nameplate).
6 Do not use on SMA connectors; damage can result.

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