Temperature Controller for Thermal Noise Terminations


MT152A Description

The MT151C is a solid state proportional temperature controller that provides electronic control functions for Maury thermal noise terminations (MT7108B and MT70xx Series). To ensure accuracy, each Maury temperature controller must be calibrated to match the thermal termination it will be used with. For this reason, a controller is included with every termination purchased. Individual controllers can be purchased separately as replacement parts, but will not function accurately unless they are calibrated at Maury to match their corresponding thermal termination.

The MT151C controls temperature in a range from 70�C to 105�C and automatically regulate and hold operating temperature of the thermal termination to within �0.2�C at the hot load body. The control unit responds to sensors in physical proximity to the termination by switching the control circuit on or off as the operating temperature rises or falls.

The MT151C is available in two optional line voltages; 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz (option 22) and, 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz (option 32). The desired line voltage option must be specified when the order is placed.

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Application Note - Applications of the Maury Noise Calibration Systems; Accuracy & Convenience in Noise Measurement

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