Sliding Terminations

2.4mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mm, 7mm, Type N, and TNC


  • Integral Connectors
  • "Flush Set" Adjustment4
  • "Pull Back" Mechanism & Lock5
  • Thermal Isolation
  • Enhanced Air Line Accuracy


These metrology grade sliding terminations achieve a high level of accuracy, stability and repeatability when used as impedance standards for calibrating vector network analyzers (VNAs) and in other critical, precision measurement applications.

They feature seamless, integral, beadless (air dielectric) connectors that provide an extremely accurate impedance reference, and an external jacket that enhances thermal stability by insulating the transmission line.

When used with “thread-on” connector gages, a "flush set"4 mechanism allows users to adjust the center conductor to achieve a coplanar inner and outer conductor interface at the connector mating plane.

A "pull back"5 mechanism automatically locks the center conductor to a previously set flush condition, making it easy to return to flush condition from any other position. These terminations are available individually, with female or male connectors, or in boxed sets with one each of both sexes, per the Specifications chart (below).

TNC terminations are precision air lines with low-reflection transformers to the dielectrically loaded connectors. Their air dielectric connectors and movable center conductors permit precision setting of the connector interface condition, using an appropriate connector gage.


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7935A 2.4mm female 4.0 GHz — 10.0 GHz, 1.10
10.0 GHz — 50.0 GHz, 1.05
42 dB (4.0 — 50.0 GHz) 0.5 watts CW, 0.5 kW peak
7935B 2.4mm male
7935C 2.4mm boxed set (1 ea. 7935A female and 7935B male)3
8777A2 2.92mm (K) female 4.0 GHz — 10.0 GHz, 1.10
10.0 GHz — 40.0 GHz, 1.05
46 dB (4.0 — 40.0 GHz) 0.5 watts CW, 0.5 kW peak
8777B2 2.92mm (K) male
8777C2 2.92mm (K) boxed set (1 ea. 8777A2 female and 8777B2 male)3
8037A 3.5mm female 2.0 GHz — 4.0 GHz, 1.09
4.0 GHz — 34.0 GHz, 1.05
50 dB (4.0 — 34.0 GHz) 1.0 watts CW, 1.0 kW peak
8037B 3.5mm male
8037C 3.5mm boxed set (1 ea. 8037A female and 8037B male)3
2608C 7mm (LPC7) 1.8 GHz — 18.0 GHz, 1.035 62 dB 1.0 watt CW, 1.0 kW peak
8834A Type N female 2.0 GHz — 18.0 GHz, 1.04 54 dB
8834B Type N male
8834C Type N boxed set (1 ea. 8834A female and 8834B male)3
452A1 TNC female6 1.8 GHz — 18.0 GHz, 1.05 56 dB 5.0 watt CW, 1.0 kW peak
452B1 TNC male6
1 Maximum VSWR (50 ohm reference) of the terminating element alone.
2 Equivalent return loss of the air line impedance (50 ohm reference).
3 Supplied in a foam-lined wood instrument case.
4 Does not apply to TNC.
5 Does not apply to TNC or 7mm.
6 Precision stainless steel TNC per ES-2047.

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