Noise Calibration Systems and Accessories

Noise Calibration Systems

The Maury Noise Calibration Systems (NCS) are self-contained, highly accurate sources of RF and microwave noise power. These systems are used wherever noise source accuracy is critical. Examples are: receiver noise measurements such as noise figure and effective input noise temperature; calibration of solid state noise sources; evaluation and verification of earth station receivers; and as radiometer reference sources.

Each NCS consists of one (hot or cold), two (hot and cold) or three (hot/ambient/ cold) thermal noise sources whose outputs can be conveniently switched into a single calibrated output port. This capability makes for a unique combination of accuracy and convenience. The incorporation of the output switch makes the operation of the NCS in a noise performance measurement as convenient as a solid state noise generator – without the accuracy penalty associated with the latter.

Maury WR42 Noise Calibration System Model MT7095J99 (18 – 26.5 GHz)

The plot shown below illustrates the improvement in accuracy that can be gained by the use of an NCS in a typical measurement application (effective input noise temperature).

Typical output temperatures and noise temperature uncertainties of 7mm coaxial NCS.

Cryogenic Noise Terminations (Cold Loads)

The cold noise source is a liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooled termination. A liquid nitrogen level sensor and an automatic fill system maintains the proper nitrogen level. The user must provide a suitable liquid nitrogen reservoir. The cold termination is also pressurized with helium at 2 psi. Pressure is maintained by a regulator that requires 20 psi maximum from an external user-supplied source. Since most helium bottles are pressurized to about 1,000 psi or more, the MT152C pressurizing system is included.

Model MT7025J99 Cryogenic Noise Termination and Controller.

Thermal Noise Terminations (Hot Loads)

The hot noise source is a heated termination whose temperature is maintained by proportional control to better than ±0.2K by the MT155J controller. Actual temperature is indicated by a digital readout on the controller front panel.

MT7090J99 Thermal Noise Termination and Controller.

Noise Calibration Swept Data Module

Maury cryogenic and thermal terminations, and noise calibration systems are calibrated for hot/cold noise temperatures at their output connectors for a number of frequencies. Waveguide units are typically calibrated at specific standard frequencies or data points; at the band edges and at the arithmetic center frequency of the waveguide. Coaxial units are generally calibrated at four data points within the frequency range the connector type is rated for.

Maury offers the MT7250 series Noise Calibration Swept Data Module as a tool that allows users to work with other non-standard data points in addition to, or in place of the factory standards.

A sample of the Maury-Certified Calibration Reports produced by the MT7250 Noise Calibration Swept Data Module.

Available Models

The following table shows the models currently available. Please inquire about custom and unavailable configurations.

List of available NCS models.

Application Notes and Data Sheets


Noise Calibration Systems and Accessories 4N-062


Applications of the Maury Noise Calibration Systems; Accuracy & Convenience in Noise Measurement 5C-028

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