Noise Calibration Systems and Accessories

Maury offers self-contained Noise Calibration Systems that are highly accurate sources of RF and microwave noise power. These systems are used wherever noise source accuracy is critical. Cryogenic, Thermal (Hot), and Ambient Noise Terminations, Helium Pressurizing Systems and other accessories are also available.

Maury Noise Calibration Systems and Noise Calibration Accessories are used to: make receiver noise measurements (such as noise figure and effective input noise temperature); to calibrate solid state noise sources; for evaluation and verification of earth station receivers; and as radiometric reference sources.

Noise Calibration Systems


Cryogenic Noise Terminations (Cold Loads)

General Information

Cryogenic Noise Terminations - 7mm Coaxial (MT7118J)
Cryogenic Noise Terminations - Waveguide (MT70xx Series)
Pressurizing Systems for Cryogenic Noise Terminations (MT152A/C)

Thermal Noise Terminations (Hot Loads)

General Information

Thermal Noise Terminations - 7mm Coaxial (MT7108B)
Thermal Noise Terminations - Waveguide (MT70xx Series)
Temperature Controller for Thermal Noise Terminations (MT151C)

Noise Calibration Swept Data Module (MT7250 Series)

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