Mismatch Airlines

General Information

Maury mismatch airlines have been designed as verification standards to be used in VNA calibration validation. Each mismatch airline is provided with factory S-parameters data that can be compared with user-measured S-parameters for VNA calibration validation. Measurement uncertainty is also provided, and uncertainty boundaries can be used for definitive calibration validation when used in conjunction with MT940B Insight Real-Time Uncertainty Add-On.

Available Models

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Model Connector Type Frequency Range (GHz) Electrical Length (cm) Electrical Length Accuracy Impedance
7942C25 2.4mm DC - 50.0 4.110 ±0.02 25ohm
8776C25 2.92mm DC - 40.0 14.990 ±0.02 25ohm
8042C25 3.5mm DC - 26.5 14.990 ±0.02 25ohm
2603F75 7mm DC - 18.0 5.996 ±0.015 75ohm
2503H75 Type N DC - 18.0 6.604 ±0.02 75ohm

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