7005G Calibration Kits

Optimized Millimeter Waveguide VNA Calibration Kits

Kit Description

The 7005G series high precision kits feature optimized standards and calibration constants, and are designed to provide highly accurate calibration of Agilent 8510A/B/C and Anritsu 360/37000 vector network analyzers for measurements in rectangular waveguide. Kits are available for the Agilent 8510 and Anritsu 360/37000 VNAs from 26.5 to 110 GHz (WR28 through WR10). See the Table 1 (below) for details.

Kits & Components

Components Included in 7005G Kits
2 Test port adapter
1 Sliding termination, high precision
1 Precision fixed termination
1 Precision straight section
1 High precision offset short, 1/8 wavelength
1 High precision offset short, 3/8 wavelength
1 Fixed (reference plane) short
1 Flange tools (set)
1 Flange hardware including indexing pins (set)
1 Data medium containing the calibration constants1
1 Instrument case
1 Operating instructions
1Tape cartridge for the Agilent 8510A/B; 3-1/2" disk for the Agilent 8510C and Anritsu 360/37000 series.

Application Notes and Data Sheets


7005G Calibration Kit Data Sheet

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