MW & RF Device Characterization Solutions

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At Maury Microwave, we specialize in providing application-specific solutions that meet our customers’ requirements today and in the future.

High Speed Tuning

Vector Receiver Load Pull Measurements

NVNA, Time Domain Waveforms and X-Parameter Measurements

Linear and Nonlinear Compact Modeling

Noise Figure / Noise Parameter Measurements

mmW PNA-X Noise Parameter Measurements

Active Load Pull and Hybrid-Active Load Pull Measurements

Active Wideband-Impedance Load Pull Measurements

Mobile Phone Testing Under Real-World Conditions

Amplifier Stability and Ruggedness Testing

Pulsed-Bias Pulsed-RF Harmonic Load Pull for GaN and WBG Devices

On-Wafer Production Testing

Stability Analysis of Microwave Circuits


All of our solutions are designed around our time-tested and proven uW, RF and mmW products including software suites, impedance tuners and accessories.

IVCAD Advanced Measurement and Modeling Software (MT930 series)

IVCAD Visualization Suite (MT930B)

IVCAD Magic Source Pull (MT930B/C)

ATS Automated Tuner Software (MT993 series)

AMTS Automated Mobile Test Software (MT910 series)

Mixed-Signal Active Load Pull System (MT1000 and MT2000 series)

Automated Tuners / Impedance Tuners / Load Pull Tuners

Manual Tuners / Impedance Tuners

Pulsed IV Systems

Power Semiconductor Parametric Analysis

Noise Receiver Modules (MT7553 series)

Transistor Test Fixtures (MT964 series)