Pulsed SMU Systems

AMCAD Engineering's AM3100-Series Pulsed SMU (Pulsed DC, Pulsed Bias) Systems


AMCAD Engineering has created professional, industry-proven pulsing technology for both pulsed-bias load pull (Pulsed Load Pull, PLP) and 50ohm transistor test applications. Systems come equipped with a mainframe controller which includes integrated power supplies and integrated input pulser with ±25V/200mA capability. The external output pulser module (probes, pulsers) is configured for 120V/30A pulsing.

AM3100 Pulsed SMU System

Pulsed Load Pull System

AM3100-Series Key Features

  • Compact and efficient design
  • Embedded power supplies
  • Synchronization with external instruments
  • Bipolar ±25V/200mA gate pulser; high-power 120V/30A drain pulser
  • Pulse widths down to 1.1us
  • Embedded fast short-circuit current breaker, protecting internal probe circuitry (thermal, SOA and DUT breakdown)
  • Embedded fast measurement samplers
  • Direct SCPI programmability
  • Ethernet and USB control

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Application Notes and Data Sheets

AM3100 Brochure

AMCAD Pulsed SMU System Brochure AM3100 Brochure

AM3100 Datasheet

AMCAD Pulsed SMU System Datasheet AM3100 Datasheet

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