Power Semiconductor Parameteric Analysis

AMCAD Engineering's High-Voltage BILT Pulsed IV (Pulsed DC, Pulsed Bias) Systems


AMCAD Engineering has expanded its industry-proven pulsed IV system (Pulsed IV, PIV, parametric analysis) for high-voltage power conversion applications. The system is ideally designed specifically for medium- and high-voltage Gallium Nitride (GaN) technologies used in automotive (hybrid cars), alternative energy, industrial computers... applications. Systems come fully equipped with a common 19" rack mountable mainframe controller which includes five integrated power supplies, standard gate pulse head, and 1000V/30A drain pulse head. The system is driven by Maury's MT930-series IVCAD measurement and modeling device characterization software.

Pulsed IV system for high-voltage power conversion applications

Key Features

  • High-power 1000V, 30A pulse generation
  • Pulse width down to 400ns
  • High precision current and voltage measurement
  • Embedded fast short-circuit current breaker, performing the protection of the internal probe circuitry at device breakdown
  • Embedded fast measurement samplers:
  • Fast average and ripple acquisition for highest signal to noise ratio, 16 bit compliant
  • Pulse shape monitoring equivalent to a 50M sample/s scope, 8 bit resolution
  • Pulse and measurement clocks are both available in stand alone or external triggered mode
  • Ideal for GaN, SiC, MOSFET and IGBT technologies
  • Designed for power conversion applications: automotive (hybrid cars), alternative energy, industrial computers, etc.

AM241 1000V/30A Drain Pulser Specifications

Voltage DC 1000V if Vpulse less than 110V (30W max), 110V if Vpulse greater than 110V (90W max)
Voltage Peak 1000V if Vq less than 110V, 110V if Vq greater than 110V (3.6KW peak max)
Current DC 3A if Vq less than 110V, 250mA if Vq greater than 110V (with Power limits, Max RMS 6A)
Current Peak 30A (with Power limits, Max RMS 6A)
Max Power Max Peak Power = 3.6KW, Max Quiescent Power = 90W if Vq less than 110V, 30W if Vq greater than 110V
Duty Cycle 0% to 100% (including DC)
Max Pulse Frequency 250 KHz @ 110V
10 KHz @ 1000V
Max Rise Time 1KV/1A = 250ns
10V/30A = 100ns
Max Fall Time 1KV/1A = 250ns
10V/30A = 100ns
Min Pulse Width 400ns


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Pulsed IV demonstration video

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