Harmonic Phase References


  • Broadband input (10 MHz to 7 GHz)
  • Compatible with an external synthesizer
  • Dual differential comb Generator output connectors
  • One HPR provides both CAL and REF for time-domain calibrated RF measurements
  • Can be used in single mode with second output terminated with 50ohm load
  • Flat amplitude response versus frequency
  • Calibrated with 10MHz input signal using NIST traceable Comb Generator
  • Output harmonic signals are available from 10MHz to 26.5GHz with a 10MHz input signal
  • Stable output signal & repeatable measurements
  • Input connector: Super SMA Female (Front panel)
  • Output A connector: 2.92mm male (Back panel)
  • Output B connector: 2.92mm female (Back panel)
  • DC supply : USB Powered 5VDC / 200mA (Front panel)


  • Time-domain calibrated RF measurements for Power Amplifier Waveform Engineering
  • RF Transistor EPHD Behavioral Modeling
  • EMC/EMI Testing

Large Signal Analysis and Waveform Engineering

AMCAD HPR727A wideband comb generator has been developed for the characterization of nonlinear RF devices (transistors, amplifiers), enabling the measurements of absolute phase of the harmonic content of a signal and allowing Waveform engineering capabilities in time-domain Load-Pull.

Waveform engineering can be used to minimize the power consumption and to optimize the power added efficiency of amplifiers, operating in a switch-mode class of operation like Class F or inverse Class F. See IVCAD MT930GA Large Signal Analyzer operating manual

Used in combination with IVCAD Software, this Comb Generator enables accurate phase-calibrated measurement of harmonic signals when measured with a Vector Network Analyzer, in order to provide true RF waveform measurements at the DUT reference plane.

This phase calibration standard allows optimizing the operating class of RF transistors using harmonic load tuning with IVCAD MT930C VNA based load-pull measurement bench control and IVCAD MT930GA Time-Domain LSA software module.

Harmonic Phase Reference
HPR727A Dual Output Comb Generator

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