MT1000 and MT2000 Series Mixed-Signal Active Load Pull System

0.3 to 40.0 GHz

Key Features

  • Fully active load pull system
  • Broadband system concept (e.g., 0.001-2.0 GHz, 0.3-6.0 GHz, 0.4-18.0 GHz, 0.5-26.0 GHz, 0.7-40.0 GHz)
  • Re-configurable hardware; single-ended, differential and number of controlled harmonics
  • High speed and dynamic range
  • Embedded measurement of (Pulsed/Isothermal) DC parameters

    • MT1000 and MT2000 Series Mixed-Signal Active Load Pull System

Single Tone (MT1000 and MT2000)

  • "Real-time" measurement speed > 1,000 power and load states per minute
  • Multi-dimensional parameter sweeps
  • Pulsed/Isothermal testing
  • Measurement of calibrated Voltage and Current waveforms
  • Device protection included
  • Waveform reconstruction

Multi-Tone and Modulated Signals (MT2000)

  • Wideband modulated signals (e.g. multi-carrier WCDMA, LTE, 802.11ac) up to 60, 120 and 240 MHz (system-specific)
  • Modulated Signal Library Included
  • Losses and delay of cables, probes etc. are eliminated
  • Upload the S-parameters of any "virtual matching networks" and get a one-to-one agreement with your board design (also for linearity)
  • Device testing with digital predistortion


anteverta microwave develops and exploits mixed signal load pull open loop concept Click here to read interview with Microwave Journal

EuMW2013_mt2000 Click here to view a Demo of the MT2000 as seen at EuMW-2013

EuMW2014_mt2000 Click here to view a Demo of the MT2000 as seen at EuMW-2014

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