MT1000 and MT2000 Series Mixed-Signal Active Load Pull System

0.001 to 67.0 GHz


The MT1000 and MT2000 mixed-signal active load pull systems are the best commercially proven solutions capable of performing load pull at high speeds of up to 1000 impedance/power states per minute with no limitation on Smith Chart coverage, under the following conditions:
  • Single-tone CW and pulsed-CW RF signal
  • DC and pulsed-DC bias
  • Time-domain NVNA voltage and current waveforms and load lines
  • Frequencies between 1 MHz and 67 GHz

High-speed load pull with high magnitudes of reflection coefficients under the above conditions are ideal for:
  • Reducing time-to-market due to quicker measurement speed
  • Reducing bottlenecks caused by traditional passive mechanical load pull systems without a loss of accuracy
  • Validating nonlinear compact models
  • Extracting nonlinear behavioral models
  • Research and development, design validation test, and on-wafer production test

In addition, the MT2000 is the best commercially-proven solution capable of wideband impedance control of up to 1000 MHz bandwidth at the fundamental, harmonic and baseband frequencies and is ideal for:
  • Using ACPR and EVM measurement data in the design of wideband PA circuits
  • Improving PA linearity based on controlled baseband terminations
  • Evaluating the performance of a DUT under realistic antenna load conditions
  • Evaluating the performance of DUT under different matching network topologies

The MT1000 and MT2000 are turnkey one-box load pull solutions that replace the functions typically performed by passive fundamental and/or harmonic impedance tuners, VNAs and/or NVNAs, analog signal generators, vector signal generators, vector signal analyzers and oscilloscopes, and add the capabilities of high-speed load pull measurements and wideband impedance control for modulated signals.

MT2000E6-500 System
MT2000E6-500 40 GHz 6-loop mixed-signal active load pull system with 500 MHz wideband impedance control

MT2000F4-1000 System
MT2000F4-1000 67 GHz 4-loop mixed-signal active load pull system with 1000 MHz wideband impedance control


anteverta microwave develops and exploits mixed signal load pull open loop concept Click here to read interview with Microwave Journal

EuMW2013_mt2000 Click here to view a Demo of the MT2000 as seen at EuMW-2013

EuMW2014_mt2000 Click here to view a Demo of the MT2000 as seen at EuMW-2014

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Application Notes and Data Sheets


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