Millimeter-wave (mmW) Device Characterization Systems


Maury Microwave has over ten years of experience designing, implementing and supporting millimeter-wave (mmW) device characterization systems between 50 and 110 GHz. These systems are built around Maury's patented automated waveguide tuners for non-50ohm measurements, and Maury's measurement and modeling device characterization software suites. In addition, Maury integrates commercial Vector Network Analyzers (VNA), signal generators, spectrum analyzers, noise figure analyzers, mmW frequency extenders and related components and accessories to complete systematic and semi-automated device measurements at the DUT reference plane.

Fully integrated mmW device characterization systems may include the following measurement capabilities: small-signal S-parameters, source pull for noise parameter extraction (Fmin, Gamma_opt, rn), and large signal load pull for power, gain, efficiency and intermodulation distortion (IMD with optional second input source and analyzer).

It is critical to consider probe station integration for on-wafer measurements at the time of system conception, as the various components (mmW extenders, downconverters, switches, automated attenuators, tuners...) will need to be mounted on the prober platen, as well as balanced for vibration-free operation. Maury integrations are compatible with most Cascade (including Suss), MPI, Signatone, Semiprobe and third party probe stations.

mmW device characterization systems are available in WR15 (50-75 GHz), WR12 (60-90 GHz) and WR10 (75-110 GHz) configurations.

Millimeter-wave (mmW) Device Characterization Systems

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