Low Loss Couplers

Low-Loss, High Directivity, High Power Couplers for Load Pull and Other Power Applications


  • High Power Handling For All Power Applications
  • High Directivity For Improved Accuracy
  • Low Insertion Loss For Maximum Performance
  • Broadband Frequency Coverage For All Popular Applications
  • Excellent VSWR For Improved Match


  • Amplifier Power Monitoring / Integrated Amplifier Modules
  • High-Power Base Station Integration
  • Test and Measurement (Load Pull, Antenna Test, General Lab...)

Available Models

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Connector Coupling Ports Frequency Range1 (GHz) Insertion Loss at Fmax Directivity Coupling Power Handling
Input Port Output Port
LLC18-7 7mm 7mm 3.5mm Female 0.6 - 8.0
8.0 - 18.0
0.15 dB
0.25 dB
15 db
10 dB
30 dB2
±3 dB
500W CW / 2KW Peak
LLC18-N-FF Type N Female Type N Female 0.18 dB
0.25 dB
LLC18-N-MF Type N Male Type N Female
LLC18-N-MM Type N Male Type N Male
LLC34-35-FF 3.5mm Female 3.5mm Female 2.92mm Female 2.0 - 26.5
26.5 - 34.0
0.30 dB 14 dB
10 dB
150 W CW / 500 W Peak
LLC34-35-MF 3.5mm Male 3.5mm Female
LLC34-35-MM 3.5mm Male 3.5mm Male

1 Usable from 0.1 GHz with increased coupling.
2 ±6 dB 0.6 - 0.8 GHz for LLC18 and 2.0 - 3.0 GHz for LLC34.

Low Loss Couplers Models

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LLC Low Loss Couplers 2K-001

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