Load Pull Test Fixtures

MT964 Series


Low Insertion Loss for High VSWR Tuning
Multiple Connector Configurations
50Ω and Transformers Available
Heatsinks and Fans Available
Water Cooling Available

MT964a1 - 7mm Load Pull Test Fixture

Accessories Provided

TRL Calibration Kit
One Device Insert

MT964B1 - 7mm Load Pull Test Fixture

Available Models

Model Frequency Range Impedance Connector Power Handling1
MT964A1 0.1 – 18.0 GHz 50Ω 7mm 250 W CW
MT964A2 0.1 – 18.0 GHz 50Ω 3.5mm 250 W CW
MT964B1 0.8 – 18.0 GHz 10 – 12Ω 7mm 250 W CW
MT964B2 0.8 – 18.0 GHz 10 – 12Ω 3.5mm 250 W CW
1 Proper heat dissipation of DUT is required.

Application Notes and Data Sheets


MT964 Series Load Pull Test Fixtures T-005

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