IQSTAR Circuit Measurement and Analysis Software

IQS Series


Speed up your Design Cycle and Standardize your Testing Procedures

Think beyond the box. Take control of your hardware asset and let IQSTAR run it like a state-of-the-art measurement unit. Standardize your benches’ efficiency even with different instruments from one setup to another because with IQSTAR, all instruments are equal. Partnering with Maury Microwave, AMCAD is now offering unrivaled software solutions for RF and Microwave characterizations.

Features and Benefits

  • Turn-Key software for agnostic measurement hardware
  • Adaptive Calibration wizards for configurable test benches
  • Automated Test Flow with drag & drop customized measurement sequences
  • Advanced and customizable display tools using Whiteboard Dataset viewer
  • Speed up Design cycles and generate measurement reports
  • Does not require programming skills


IQSTAR Software Suite Models

IQS100A-1 Whiteboard - Data Set Viewer Product Page
IQS100B Bench Control - Setup Editor & Sweep Plan Product Page
IQS100B-1 Bench Control - Continuous Wave Measurements Product Page
IQS100B-2 Bench Control - IMD Measurements Product Page
IQS100B-3 Bench Control - Modulated Signal Measurements Product Page

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Application Notes and Data Sheets

Data Sheet

IQS Series IQSTAR Circuit Measurement Software amcad_plaquette-iqstar-web


IQSTAR presentation IQSTAR Presentation

IQSTAR Product Feature

Microwave Journal - July 2019 IQSTAR MWJ

Maury Application Notes Library

Maury Software and System Application Notes. Maury Application Notes Library