High-Power Automated Tuner

XT981AL/BL/VL Series

Applications & Benefits Overview

The XT981xL series automated tuners are optimized for high power in-fixture and on-wafer applications requiring low impedance and low vibration simultaneously. Based on Maury's proven non-contacting probe technology, these high-performance tuners evolve beyond outdated contacting probe technology to deliver high VSWR with superb accuracy and reliability.

An integral component of Maury Device Characterization Solutions, these TCP/IP and USB-interfaced automated tuners are controlled using one of four Maury Software Solutions; Maury's MT930 series IVCAD Advanced Measurement and Modeling Software; Maury's Device Characterization Software suite (ATS version 5 or later); direct ASCII command-and-control, or Maury's DLL environment.

With a tuning resolution in excess of a million impedance points and accuracy better than -40 dB or -50 dB (model dependent)over the entire Smith chart, Maury automated tuners give you the device characterization answers and critical accuracy you need to make engineering decisions with confidence. Typical applications include load pull using CW, GSM/EDGE, CDMA, WCDMA, WiMax, and WiFi stimulus for mobile and infrastructure terminal design, RADAR design, and Sat-Com design.

The XT981 series tuner is ideal for load pull, harmonic load pull, hybrid active load pull and all automated tuner applications.


XT Technology

XT-series tuners represent the next evolution in tuner technology. Faster, more accurate, more repeatable.

Upgraded mechanics result in a 20%-75% faster mechanical movement, 30%-40% faster tuner characterization and 20%-25% faster VSWR test.

Linear encoders on the horizontal axis ensure accurate carriage positioning and improve repeatability by 5-10dB.

Optional High Speed Profile further improves XT tuner speed and results in a 40%-100% faster mechanical movement, 50%-85% faster tuner characterization and 35%-40% faster VSWR test (High-speed profile has been optimized for connectorized measurements).

Embedded Controller

Our patented embedded tuner controllers offer the power of Ethernet and the Web applied to Test & Measurement (T&M) offering you new possibilities in test systems - local, remote, distributed, time-aware.

Our patented embedded tuner controller empowers Maury's world-class automated impedance tuners with: dual TCP/IP and USB interfaces for simple, fast & reliable Control; direct ASCII commands or DLL environment for automated applications and standardized for seamless integration with state-of-the-art instruments. Click here for more details on the advantages of embedded controller tuner technology.

Available Models

Swipeable Content
Frequency Range
Matching Range
Power Capability
Vector Repeatability (Minimum)
Insertion Loss(Maximum)
0.225 — 4.0
250W CW
2.5 kW PEP
see datasheet
0.3 dB
0.40 — 4.0
0.40 — 8.0
0.6 — 5.5
5.5 — 6.5

Application Notes and Data Sheets


Technical Data - XT981 Series - High-Gamma and High-Power Automated Tuners™ (HGT™)- 0.225 to 8.0 GHz 4T-050G06