High-Resolution Current Probes

High-Resolution Current Probes

High-Resolution Current Probes

Current probes are active devices which are used in conjunction with an oscilloscope or DMM to determine the current of a device under test. Current probes are either placed directly between a measurement instrument and DUT in order to measure the amplified voltage across an internal resistance or clamped onto a conductor/wire in order to measure the magnetic field created by the current flowing through the wire.

AVCP-series current probes are based on a series resistor and differential amplifier which generates an output voltage proportional to the current flowing through the resistor. Large series resistors are used to create a large voltage drop in order to measure extremely low currents in the order of uA and mA. Unlike current probes based on Hall effect sensors, AVCP-series current probes do not need to be demagnetized (degaussed) and can be used more easily over long periods of time. AVCP current probes can be connected by BNC cable to nearly any commercial oscilloscope or DMM and are ideal for measuring active devices with low currents such as transistors under pulsed conditions. Bias Tee

Features & Benefits

  • Resistor-based for simplified long-term use
  • Ideal for low-current measurements
  • Compatible with most commercial oscilloscopes and digitizers
  • Ideal for pulsed measurements

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