Linear and Nonlinear Compact Transistor Modeling


Amplifier designers have been making use of modern transistor models since their first appearance in the mid-1970s. Models have allowed engineers to create advanced designs with first-pass success, without the need for multiple prototypes and design iterations. But with so many different modeling techniques, how does one select which one to use?

Compact transistor models, based on measured IV and S-parameters, allow designers to shift focus from transistor designs to circuit designs. Extracted from quasi-isothermal pulsed IV and pulsed S-parameter data and validated with load-pull characterization, compact transistor models contain a reduced set of parameters. Unlike other model types, compact models take into account complex phenomena, such as electro-thermal and trapping effects. For simulations under nonlinear operating conditions, responses to complex modulated signals (such as EVM or ACPR) are accurately predicted as low-frequency and high-frequency memory effects are taken into account. Compact transistor models are ideal for die-level applications, as developing such a model from IV and S-parameters is straightforward and relatively quick.

Typical Pulsed IV Curve Traces
Typical Pulsed IV Curve Traces

Linear Modeling
Linear Modeling

Nonlinear Modeling
Nonlinear Modeling


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IVCAD advanced measurement and modeling software, offered by Maury Microwave and AMCAD Engineering supports multiple load pull techniques including traditional load pull using external instrumentation, VNA-based load pull, active load pull and hybrid load pull. It performs DC-IV and pulsed-IV measurements and incorporates device modeling tools. Its modern visualization capabilities give users a greater ability to view, plot and graph measurement data in an intuitive manner.

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