ATSv5 Automated Tuner System Software

MT993 Series

ATSv5 Software Suite Models for Noise Parameters

Noise Figure, Noise Parameters, Interactive Noise Measurement Mode, Swept Noise Display, Noise Statistics Display
Ultra-Fast Noise Characterization Using PNA-X/NFA
Programmers Addition
System Control Option
DC IV Curve Option
Fixture Characterization Option
Note: As of November 22, 2017, all load pull capabilities have been migrated to IVCAD.
ATS traditional load pull MT993A (Power Measurements) and add-on modules MT993D (Two-tone and Modulated Measurements) and MT993H (Harmonic Load Pull) are now available in IVCAD as MT930D1 (Traditional Load Pull) and MT930D2 (Harmonic, Spectrum and Vector Analyzer Add-On).
More information regarding IVCAD can be found here.

In addition to information regarding ATS for Noise Parameters, please use the contact form below for more information regarding ATS support contracts, ATS migration plans to IVCAD, or general comments.

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