LXI™-Certified 3.5mm Automated Tuners

XT983 Series - 2.0 to 26.5 GHz

Applications & Benefits Overview

The XT983BL01 LXI™ controlled automated tuners are optimized for a broad class of in-fixture and on-waver applications requiring flexibility, broad frequency coverage and ease of use. Based on Maury's proven non-contacting probe technology, these high-performance tuners evolve beyond outdated contacting probe technology to deliver high VSWR with superb accuracy and reliability.

An integral component of Maury Device Characterization Solutions, these TCP/IP and USB-interfaced automated tuners are controlled using one of four Maury Software Solutions; Maury's MT930 series IVCAD Advanced Measurement and Modeling Software; Maury's Device Characterization Software suite (ATS version 5 or later); direct ASCII command-and-control, or Maury's DLL environment.

With a tuning resolution in excess of a million impedance points and accuracy better than -40 dB over the entire Smith chart, Maury automated tuners give you the device characterization answers and critical accuracy you need to make engineering decisions with confidence. Typical applications includeload-pull for CW and pulsed or modulated C-band, X-band, Ku-band, K-band design.

The XT983 series tuner is ideal for load pull, harmonic load pull, hybrid active load pull and all automated tuner applications.

XT983BL01 LXI™ controlled automated tuners

XT Technology

XT-series tuners represent the next evolution in tuner technology. Faster, more accurate, more repeatable.

Upgraded mechanics result in a 5%-20% faster mechanical movement, 10%-35% faster tuner characterization and 10%-15% faster VSWR test.

Linear encoders on the horizontal axis ensure accurate carriage positioning and improve repeatability by 5-10dB.

Optional High Speed Profile further improves XT tuner speed and results in a 30%-80% faster mechanical movement, 40%-45% faster tuner characterization and 25%-35% faster VSWR test (High-speed profile has been optimized for connectorized measurements).

Embedded LXI™-Certified Controller

LXI™ is the power of Ethernet and the Web applied to Test & Measurement (T&M) offering you new possibilities in test systems - local, remote, distributed, time-aware.

LXI™-Certified tuners have many advanced features including: dual TCP/IP and USB interfaces for simple, fast & reliable Control; direct ASCII commands or DLL environment for automated applications and standardized LXI for seamless integration with state-of-the-art instruments. Click here for more details on the advantages of LXI™-certified tuner technology.

Available Models

Swipeable Content
Frequency Range
Matching Range
Power Capability
Vector Repeatability (Minimum)
Insertion Loss(Maximum)
2.0 - 26.5
25W CW
250 W PEP
- 40 dB
0.6 dB

Application Notes and Data Sheets


Technical Data - XT983 Series - LXI™-Certified 3.5mm Automated Tuners - 2.0 to 26.5 GHz 4T-050G08