Stability Wafer™ On-Wafer Probing Cable Assemblies

The Industry's On-Wafer Probing Cable Assemblies to 67 GHz

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Features and Benefits

  • Stable and repeatable electrical performance
  • Flexible to facilitate easy installation
  • Small profile for tight spacing requirements
  • Straight, right-angle and extended 90˚ and 83˚ connectors for optimized connections to probes
  • Color-coded connectors to avoid damage caused by connector

  • SP

    SW-292 cable assembly
    StabilityWafer™ 40 GHz on-wafer cable assembly with 2.92mm straight female connector and male right angle connector
    SW-185 cable assembly
    StabilityWafer™ 67 GHz on-wafer cable assembly with 1.85mm straight female and male connectors

    Available Models

    StabilityWafer™ on-wafer probing cable assemblies are available with 3.5mm connectors to 26.5 GHz, 2.92mm connectors to 40 GHz, 2.4mm connectors to 50 GHz and 1.85mm connectors to 67 GHz in standard and custom lengthes and with varyious connector options (female, male, right angle, extended ferules...). Please refer to the data sheet or web store for ordering information.

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    Application Notes and Data Sheets


    StabilityWafer™ Cable Assemblies Data Sheet 2Z-015


    MWJ article Connect With Confidence: Color-Coded Interconnects 5A-055

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