Cable Assemblies


Maury Microwave offers a variety of cable solutions to meet all of your testing and interconnect needs. All of these cables are part of the ColorConnect™ family with color-coded connectors to avoid potentially costly damage caused by connector mismates.

Standard configurations are in-stock and available in our online store!


Maury Microwave’s StabilityVNA™ Microwave/RF Cable Assemblies provide the industry’s best phase stability with flexure resulting in improved measurement accuracy and ensuring the most repeatable and reliable measurements. StabilityVNA™ cables are extremely durable with excellent crush resistance while remaining very flexible leading to enhanced longevity and to years of uninterrupted use. StabilityVNA™ is the ideal cable for critical VNA measurements in R&D and lab environments.



Maury Microwave’s StabilityPlus™ series sets the standard for high performance ruggedized cable assemblies. Designed specifically for phase-stable and amplitude-stable applications, StabilityPlus™ offers excellent measurement repeatability even after cable flexure. StabilityPlus’™ light weight, superior flexibility and small form factor make it ideal for daily use with VNA’s, test instruments, bench-top testing and ATE systems.


StabilityPlus™ Low Profile

Maury Microwave’s StabilityPlus™ Low Profile Microwave/RF Cable Assemblies feature the same excellent electrical performance as our ruggedized StabilityPlus™ cables, but with a more compact and flexible design. StabilyPlus™ Low Profile cables provide excellent phase and amplitude stability with flexure resulting in highly reliable, repeatable measurements. They are ideal for applications that require lighter weight or tighter spacing such as wafer probing, ATE systems and switch matrices.

StabilityPlus Low-Profile


Maury Microwave’s StabilityBench™ series sets the standard for high-end all-purpose test and measurement cable assemblies. Designed for general testing applications, StabilityBench™ offers excellent value with its low cost, low insertion loss, excellent return loss, flexibility, and amplitude and phase stability. StabilityBench™ is the ideal interconnection for reliable and repeatable measurements when mated with test instruments including bench-top testing, on-wafer characterization and ATE systems.


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