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Maury Microwave’s AT-series of fixed coaxial attenuators are used to reduce the power of a RF, MW or mmW signal without distorting its signal quality/waveform. Attenuators are often used to lower the amplitude of a signal to a measurable level or to protect a measurement instrument from damage. Attenuators are also used to improve matching between components by improving the return loss (twice insertion loss) and effectively reducing the VSWR seen by adjacent components. Key attenuator parameters include attenuation, frequency bandwidth, power handling, VSWR and quality/repeatability of connector.

Maury AT-series attenuators are part of the ColorConnect™ family. Following the proposed IEEE high-frequency connector/adapter color convention, AT-series attenuators are the first commercially available attenuators to offer clear indications of compatibility and intermatability. ColorConnect™ makes it a simple matter to avoid and eliminate damaged equipment, degraded equipment reliability, degraded performance and lengthy maintenance times due to improper mating (and attempted mating) of incompatible interconnects.

Available Attenuators

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Model Connector 1 Connector 2 Frequency Range Power Handling (W) Attenuation (dB) VSWR (max) E-Store
AT-SMA-02-03 SMA Male SMA Female DC - 26.5 GHz 2 3 DC-18 GHz
18-26.5 GHz
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AT-SMA-02-06 6 Buy Now
AT-SMA-02-10 10 Buy Now
AT-SMA-02-20 20 Buy Now
AT-292-01-03 2.92mm Male 2.92mm Female DC - 40 GHz 1 3 DC-18 GHz
18-40 GHz
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AT-292-01-06 6 Buy Now
AT-292-01-10 10 Buy Now
AT-292-01-20 20 Buy Now
AT-24-01-03 2.4mm Male 2.4mm Female DC - 50 GHz 1 3 DC-26.5 GHz
26.5-40 GHz
40-50 GHz
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AT-24-01-06 6 Buy Now
AT-24-01-10 10 Buy Now
AT-24-01-20 20 Buy Now
AT-185-01-06 1.85mm Male 1.85mm Female DC - 65 GHz 1 6 DC-26.5 GHz
26.5-40 GHz
40-65 GHz
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AT-185-01-03 3 Buy Now
AT-185-01-10 10 Buy Now
AT-185-01-20 20 Buy Now

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Application Notes and Data Sheets


AT-series Attenuators Data Sheet 2R-020


MWJ article Connect With Confidence: Color-Coded Interconnects 5A-055

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