Strategic Alliances In The Test & Measurement Industry

Working Together To Provide The Right Solutions For Your Applications

Anteverta Microwave

Anteverta-mw is pioneer of large signal device characterization methodologies and systems, and high efficiency/linearity PA design. Anteverta’s patented IP allows non-50Ω characterization at speeds up to 100x faster than traditional systems, and is unique in its capability of wideband impedance control for realistic modulated signals.

Anteverta microwave was launched in March 2010 as a spin-off from the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. Anteverta microwave was born as the development of a decade of successful research in the fields of large signal device characterization and high efficiency/linearity PA design. In May 2010 Anteverta microwave licensed its products to Maury Microwave Corporation to merge its innovative side with the strengths of the most reliable provider of non-linear characterization systems. Maury Microwave acquired Anteverta in full in March 2015.

AMCAD Engineering

AMCAD is a provider of new RF & Microwave solutions. Founded in 2004 with Headquarters and Lab in Limoges, France, its founders have brought together a multi-disciplinary and high skilled team.

Core Activities:
Development and provision of solutions and tools for semiconductor professionals, with emphasis on Component Measurements and Modeling, Circuit Design and Systems Behavioral Modeling. AMCAD Products include Advanced Pulsed IV / RF systems and IVCAD data management software. AMCAD's Pulsed IV/RF System is an advanced components characterization system that is essential to semiconductor technology development, device reliability and lifetime testing, and semiconductor device modeling. Its key features include 10A-240V pulse generation, pulse widths down to 200ns, high precision current and voltage measurement, synchronized S2P capabilities to 40GHz, and self-heating and trapping phenomena characterization; all of which makes it the idea system for modeling a wide range of devices.

Vertigo Technologies

Vertigo Technology provides innovative solutions for the μwave and mm-wave test and measurement markets, by developing hardware and software tools to enhance accuracy in the fields of high mismatched (Γ) microwave measurements, planar calibrations and mm-wave large signal characterization. The company goal is to bridge the gap between conventional RF measurements and the growing need for improved accuracy, increased speed and higher frequency of operation. Vertigo Technologies developed the HΓ-pod, an innovative add-on for Vector Network Analyzers, able to drastically improve the performance of conventional equipment in terms of accuracy when measuring devices presenting extreme impedance conditions. Other activities involve the realization of high accuracy calibration standards on fused silica substrates (FSS) for frequencies between 0 and 325 GHz, the realization of custom measurement setups for millimeter wave characterization (power control, large signal, load-pull) and dielectric spectroscopy for the characterization of (biologic) materials.