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Power Semiconductor Pulsed IV to 1000V for GaN, SiC

June 28 2013

Maury Microwave announces the release of its new AMBILT3 Pulsed IV System for high voltage power semiconductor applications, including the AM241 100V/30A pulse head.

Maury Microwave, acting as AMCAD Engineering's exclusive worldwide distributor, has expanded its industry-proven pulsed IV system (Pulsed IV, PIV, parametric analysis) for high-voltage power conversion applications. The system is ideally suited for GaN, SiC, MOSFET and IGBT technologies used in automotive (hybrid cars), alternative energy, industrial computers... applications. Systems come fully equipped with a common 19" rack mountable mainframe controller which includes five integrated power supplies, standard gate pulse head, and 1000V/30A drain pulse head. The system is driven by Maury's MT930-series IVCAD measurement and modeling device characterization software.

More information regarding Maury's Power Semiconductor Pulsed IV system, including sample measurements on commercial devices, can be found here.

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