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IQSTAR1.5 Release

April 27 2023

Maury Microwave is pleased to announce the latest release of strategic partner AMCAD Engineering's IQS-series IQSTAR Circuit Measurement and Analysis Software.

This major release includes new modules and features to address the industry's additional applications and measurement requirements. It also showcases enhancements of the existing modules capabilities to increase user experience satisfaction.

New Modules
The growing popularity of IQSTAR brings its share of customer requests to include new software capabilities allowing them to characterize their power amplifiers. The last release of IQSTAR includes two new add-on modules:
• New measurement module IQS100B-12: Multi DUT Measurements
• New measurement module IQS100B-31: Noise Power Ratio (NPR)

Main New Features
To improve the test engineer's measurement efficiency and to provide an appropriate tool for a thorough analysis of the amplifier performances, multiple features were added to the IQSTAR modules.
• Thermal Control and Monitoring
• Spectrum and Spurious Detection using VNA
• Modulated Signal Measurements using a VNA
• Custom data for Modulated Signal Measurements

More information regarding IQS-series IQSTAR Circuit Measurement and Analysis Software can be found here.

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