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COVID-19 Update

March 24 2020

MAURY MICROWAVE will remain open and operating to support your critical business needs. We are an Essential Critical Infrastructure Supplier to our Customers, as defined by the MEMORANDUM FOR DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL BASE (DIB), dated March 20, 2020, from Under Secretary of Defense, Ellen M. Lord; and as directed by no less than a dozen Aerospace & Defense Prime Contractors and Govt. Agencies.

We are trying to balance out our role as a critical supplier with the safety of our Employees. Their health is the foremost in our minds; and as the situation progresses, we may need to change our operating status. If this does, we will communicate this accordingly.

Maury Microwave Corp. has implemented safety and sanitation practices based on the Centers for Disease Control guidelines, including, but not limited to:
1. Non-essential personnel working from home, where practicable.
2. Adhering to all Federal Travel Restrictions.
3. Limiting Visitor access to those Essential to our Maintenance of Operations, only.
4. Practicing Spatial Distancing & Providing supplies to our Workforce (Gloves, Masks, etc.).
5. Site cleaning has been increased both in breadth and depth.

We are communicating to our “Essential Infrastructure Suppliers” that may affect your supply, the same expectation to remain open and operating; based on the same DOD, DHS DIB criteria. We are requesting they provide any impact to delivery based on delays in their supply chain and inform us if they are unable to meet our supply demands.

We thank you for our business and want you to know we are here to support you.

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