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IVCAD 3.8 Release

December 13 2018

Maury Microwave and strategic partner AMCAD Engineering announce the latest release of MT930-series IVCAD measurement and modeling device characterization software.

All new IVCAD 3.8 features include
- MT930GA Time Domain Large Signal Analysis (LSA) add-on module for MT930C Vector-Receiver Load Pull which enables time-domain large signal analysis and waveform reconstruction when used with supported VNAs and comb generators (harmonic phase references), and does not require third-party nonlinear VNA software
- Native 64-bit version

Updated IVCAD 3.8 features include
- The addition of source-gamma auto calibration, spurious sweeps and an updated driver wizard to build custom spectrum and vector-signal analyzer drivers for MT930D1 Traditional Load Pull
- Updated drivers for semi-automated probe station control
- General speed and UI improvements

MT930GA Large Signal Analysis (LSA) Features & Benefits
- Simple upgrade to existing VNA based load pull system enables LSA time-domain voltage and current waveform analysis
- Compatible with MT930M1 linear model extraction to de-embed waveforms to DUT’s intrinsic reference plane
- Supports most commercial VNAs (requires 5 receivers, see release note for supported models)
- Single software platform and interface for turnkey calibration, validation, measurement and visualization/analysis
- Cohesive modeling solution includes load pull with time-domain waveforms and behavioral model extraction (EPHD) from one set of measurements

To access IVCAD 3.8, please log into Maury's software download site here, or contact us for more information.

More information regarding MT930-series IVCAD measurement and modeling device characterization software can be found here.

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