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IVCAD 3.10 Release

April 14 2022

Maury Microwave and strategic partner AMCAD Engineering announce the latest release of MT930-series IVCAD measurement and modeling device characterization software.

Major improvements in IVCAD 3.10 include
- faster convergence for active load pull (coaxial and waveguide)
- improved pulsed load pull measurements
- support of Nano5G tuners

General updates include the addition and improvement of dozens of instrument drivers, as well as general bug fixes.

To access IVCAD 3.10, and the complete release notes, please log into Maury's software download site here, or contact us for more information.

More information regarding MT930-series IVCAD measurement and modeling device characterization software can be found here.

New High Power and High Frequency Instrument Amplifiers to 67 GHz

March 31 2022

Maury Microwave is pleased to announce the extension of its MPA-series Test & Measurement Instrument Amplifiers product line with the addition of the following models:
2-8 GHz, 50W
2-8 GHz, 100W
6-18 GHz, 100W
6-18 GHz, 200W
6-18 GHz, 250W
8-12 GHz, 100W
18-26.5 GHz, 50W
40-67 GHz, 1W
50-67 GHz, 1W
50-67 GHz, 5W

Not all amplifiers are created equal, so how can you be certain that an amplifier will work for your needs? You deserve to be confident that the amplifiers used with your test-and measurement lab benches will meet the requirements of your specific applications, are reliable, and are equally well-supported pre-and post-sale. When it comes to application expertise, reliability and support, there is no company that does it better than Maury Microwave.

More information regarding MPA-series Instrument Amplifiers can be found here.

New StabilityFlex™ Ultra-Flexible Cable Assemblies

March 30 2022

Maury Microwave is pleased to announce the release of its StabilityFlex™ ultra-flexible cable assemblies. The industry's best phase-stable daily-use lab cable assembly just got better! Increased flexibility and a new lower price!

Features and benefits of StabilityFlex™ include:
- Ultra-flexible
- Excellent value
- Low insertion loss
- Reliable and repeatable measurements
- Amplitude and phase stable with flexure
- High mating-cycle durability

Maury Microwave's StabilityFlex™ series sets the standard for high-end all-purpose test and measurement cable assemblies. Designed for general testing applications, StabilityFlex™ offers excellent value with its low cost, low insertion loss, excellent return loss, flexibility, and amplitude and phase stability. StabilityFlex™ is the ideal interconnection for reliable and repeatable measurements when mated with test instruments including Flex-top testing, on-wafer characterization and ATE systems.

Maury Microwave’s StabilityFlex™ Low Profile Microwave/RF Cable Assemblies feature the same excellent electrical performance as our ruggedized StabilityFlex™ cables, but with a more compact and flexible design.

More information regarding SF-series cable assemblies can be found here.

Hundreds of SF-series low-profile cable assemblies are available in-stock on our web store here.

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