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Maury Microwave is your calibration, measurement and modeling solutions partner. By taking responsibility for all aspects of calibration, measurement and modeling, we are able to empower you and help you succeed. We accomplish that by leveraging our measurement expertise to identify, create and supply every single component from the smallest adapter to the largest test system, thereby guaranteeing a seamless integration. We supply adapters, cable assemblies and attenuators; coaxial and waveguide VNA calibration kits, calibration standards and calibration systems; turnkey characterization solutions including measurement and modeling software, impedance tuners, load pull and noise parameter systems and more. With our best-in-class solutions, we complete your lab.
Maury Microwave Lab Solutions

Interconnect Solutions (adapters, cables, tools...)

Calibration-Grade (Metrology) Adapters Product Page
ColorConnect Precision Adapters Product Page
Test Essentials Lab Adapters Product Page
Quick Test Push-On Adapters Product Page
VNA Test Port Cable Assemblies Product Page
Stability Microwave/RF Cable Assemblies Product Page
Utility Microwave/RF Cable Assemblies Product Page
Attenuators Product Page
Torque Wrenches Product Page
Connector Gage Kits Product Page

Precision Calibration Solutions (cal kits, standards, accessories...)

VNA Calibration Kits Product Page
Coaxial Calibration Standards Product Page
Waveguide Calibration Standards Product Page
Metrology Accessories Product Page
Noise Calibration Systems Product Page
Stub Tuners Product Page

MW&RF Characterization Solutions (tuners, load pull, noise)

High Speed Tuners and Tuning Application Page Product Page
Vector Receiver Load Pull Application Page Product Page
NVNA and X-Parameters Application Page Product Page
Pulsed IV/RF and Compact Modeling Application Page Product Page
Noise Figure and Noise Parameters Application Page Product Page
Active and Hybrid-Active Load Pull Application Page Product Page
Active Wideband Impedance Control Application Page Product Page
On-Wafer Production Testing Application Page Product Page
Stability Analysis of Microwave Circuits Application Page Product Page

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