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Noise Calibration Swept Data Module

MT7250 Series


• Multiple Data Points
• Effective Noise Temperature Calculator
• Effective Noise Temperature Interpolator
• Certified Calibration Report Generator
• Standard and User-Defined Frequencies


Maury cryogenic and thermal terminations, and noise calibration systems are calibrated for hot/cold noise temperatures at their output connectors for a number of frequencies. Waveguide units are typically calibrated at specific standard frequencies or data points; at the band edges and at the arithmetic center frequency of the waveguide. Coaxial units are generally calibrated at four data points within the frequency range the connector type is rated for.

Maury offers the MT7250 series Noise Calibration Swept Data Module as a tool that allows users to work with other non-standard data points in addition to, or in place of the factory standards.

Typical Excel® spreadsheet showing the MT7250 Swept Data Module user interface.

A sample of the Maury-Certified Calibration Reports produced by the MT7250 Noise Calibration Swept Data Module.

Product Data Sheets

4E-020 Noise Calibration Swept Data Module - MT7250 Series

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