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7005G Calibration Kits

Optimized Millimeter Waveguide VNA Calibration Kits


• Agilent PNAs
• Agilent 8510A/B/C
• Anritsu 360
• Anritsu 37000 series

Kit Description

The 7005G series high precision kits feature optimized standards and calibration constants, and are designed to provide highly accurate calibration of Agilent 8510A/B/C and Anritsu 360/37000 vector network analyzers for measurements in rectangular waveguide. Kits are available for the Agilent 8510 and Anritsu 360/37000 VNAs from 26.5 to 110 GHz (WR28 through WR10). See the Table 1 (below) for details.

Data Sheets

Download data sheet + (TECHNICAL DATA 3H-068 | )

Recommended Accessories


Kits & Components

7005G Kit

7005G Kits Calibration Kits

Components Included in 7005G Kits

2 Test port adapter
1 Sliding termination, high precision
1 Precision fixed termination
1 Precision straight section
1 High precision offset short, 1/8 wavelength
1 High precision offset short, 3/8 wavelength
1 Fixed (reference plane) short
1 Flange tools (set)
1 Flange hardware including indexing pins (set)
1 Data medium containing the calibration constants1
1 Instrument case
1 Operating instructions
1Tape cartridge for the Agilent 8510A/B; 3-1/2" disk for the Agilent 8510C and Anritsu 360/37000 series.